You are magic.

Have you ever felt like you could use a little magic in your life? Have you ever found yourself wondering how great it would be if you had some magic powers or a fairy godmother? I know I personally sometimes wish for it but I also remind myself that reality should not be wasted on wishes.

Did you know that you have more chances to win the lottery than being alive? Did you know that the very fact you are who you are at this very moment is so lucky that the odds of it actually being are basically zero. This is something most people do not know, this is a bit of knowledge that our brains protect us from because it is a reminder of how fragile our very existences and this protection usually allows us to carry on with our daily activities and to take risks on life.

This little protection spell our brain puts on us is great but it sometimes comes at a cost. It comes at the cost of us making that very fateful wish of having some more magic in our lives. It comes at the cost of us going through life as if it were a very normal thing when in reality the very fact of our existence is magic. We are magic. You are magic and you are all the magic you need. You get to be, you get to witness the wonders that the universe has to offer and while yes, it might seem not so magical in our everyday lives when we are up for the tenth time in the middle of the night with a teething child or are worrying about how we will pay our bills this month, maybe we need to not lose sight during these overwhelming moments of what a gift we don’t just have but are.

You deserve happiness and maybe the way to that happiness starts with acknowledging that you are anything but ordinary. Step out in the middle of the night and take in the starlight, breathe the fresh air after a rainy spell and feel the grass under your toes or the heat of the sun on the stones and remember that this very moment is yours and you deserve to experience it. You have everything in you to bring out the magic and change your life to what you dream it to be. You make the first steps, the plans and while it might be daunting at times, remember that you deserve it and your very existence has more magic to it than normality and that little spark is all you need to get your dreams started. So spread your magic and make the world a little more sparkling with your very existence.

PS: Remind the people in your life of how special they are too, if you have children tell them they are magic, make sure you remind them of every little bit of them that is special and make sure they walk in this big old world sure of how precious, unique and magical they are.

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