Navigating various children age groups and TV shows.

This year we reached a precarious stage when it came to TV and kids. Our little ones range in age from 1o to 2. There are lots of different tastes in what they like watching, they also have lots of common interests which means that when it comes to limiting TV time we can usually figure something that will satisfy every one.

This being said there come times when the older kids will want to watch something the younger ones are not ready for and we found ourselves having to figure a system to make this fair on everyone. For us the situation started with the highly anticipated Wednesday show. I wanted to watch it, all the kids wanted to watch it but I knew it was most definitely not a good idea for the little ones so it was a matter of figuring out a way to make it fair to the oldest two while not rubbing it in the youngest ones faces.

We decided the best way to go about in this specific case was to pick a night a week when after the little ones bedtimes our oldest girls would come back down and we would watch one episode with hot chocolate and give them a later bedtime. The deal was that they would have to keep this quiet though because the twins who are next in line in age would struggle with being bundled with the toddler rather than the big ones and it is one of those time when being younger might feel very tough; this was good for the older two though to feel a little more grown up and have some alone time bonding with us as they do not get this as easily as the younger ones.

In the end this was a lovely experience, we enjoyed watching Wednesday and having a special night with the older kids, we are now looking for another series to try and keep this one night a week going. As the other ones get older they will one day join us too and this feels like an interesting way of creating easy, special moments towards teenage years as childhood years will slowly tick away. I know one day I will be missing the theme of Mickey Mouse Club House but it will feel a little less of a loss if we still have a weekly or monthly Pjs and hot chocolate TV night watching something together.

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