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Hi there, I am Nahomie, a currently stay at home Disney mom to five wonderful kiddos. I love all things Disney, especially the Little Mermaid (hence the title above) and I try to sprinkle some magic in our lives every day. I homeschool my kids while trying to keep up with the house (and do some DIY renovations) while hoping for a Disney getaway and maybe one day moving back to my home country (Canada). Life is full of surprises but we keep dreaming and growing together. I wish you a magical day, thank you for coming to our little patch of magical memories here.

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  • Of the Rings of Power show… opinion from a lifelong Tolkien fan.

    I have waited to write this to make sure I had given this show a good chance to prove itself. I am a very big Tolkien fan, the type who wore LOTR jewellery on a daily basis and dabbled in Elvish, who read everything she could find written by Tolkien. So it is needless to…

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  • Mickey Waffle’s’mores

    Mickey Waffle’s’mores

    Heya, I hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for paying a visit to this magical recipe! I have been doing these waffles for over a year now, I use an Arietta Mickey Mouse waffle maker for the extra Disney magic and last week I decided to join my kids requests for…

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  • Roe vs Wade

    Roe vs Wade

    My heart is broken. But this is not an article that is going to go into the depths of how wrong what is happening in the US is. I feel too raw right now to express this. This article is going to share my personal insight in why the right to abortion is important to…

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  • Don’t let the cold get you down!

    Don’t let the cold get you down!

    The last two weeks have been pretty frustrating from a personal point of view. I had just gotten back on top of a few personal goals which as a stay at home, homeschooling mom of five can be pretty challenging. One of the goals I was pretty excited about was running. I explained in a…

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  • Activities to keep children entertained while you are unwell (or need a break)

    Activities to keep children entertained while you are unwell (or need a break)

    This last week I have found myself in one of my most disliked scenario. Picture this: five kids, a mega cold, countless symptoms ranging from fever to vomiting, stopping by cough land and conjunctivitis stadium. It has been hard, we of course rounded all our poor little people to get PCR tested to know if…

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  • The Secret to Motherhood…

    The Secret to Motherhood…

    I am a mom to five wonderful children. I often hear “I don’t know how you do it!” or “You are such a laid back mom” which often send me feeling like a fraud because I rarely feel like “I am doing it” or like a “laid back mom”. The truth is motherhood has not…

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