Don’t let the cold get you down!

The last two weeks have been pretty frustrating from a personal point of view. I had just gotten back on top of a few personal goals which as a stay at home, homeschooling mom of five can be pretty challenging. One of the goals I was pretty excited about was running. I explained in a vlog on my YouTube channel already that I have a complicated personal history when it comes to running so taking it on and being happily surprised that I now not only enjoyed it but was not all terrible at it was unbelievable and exciting. Sadly, it all came crashing when my kids brought home the cold from hell but not covid and took my husband and I out. I had to cancel all my plans, and I had to stop running because quite frankly dealing with life was now already a challenge.

So what is a girl to do when the cold is trying to bring her down? Well obviously it is a downer but I decided to apply some of the hard learned lessons from 2020 and lockdown, sometimes life does not go the way you expect but you can find ways to turn something like that into a chance to grow or rest. I was pretty disappointed that I could not go for my lash infill appointments, if you do get your lashes done you know this means you suddenly look pretty different and it can chip a bit at that feel good feeling you get from those luscious lashes. There is nothing I can do about this in a way because I really don’t want to spread the cold. I decided to turn this time into a self care moment for my hair, I have kept it curly, I have a complicated history with my hair so I don’t leave it with its unnerving curls usually but I know it is good to let it be once in a while and that is what I have been doing. Since I am staying home anyway, it is easier to let it be.

Running has been out of the question since being alive is a struggle physically while attending to all my kiddo’s needs. This being said I had noticed my left ankle was struggling a little bit after running so I am taking the chance to do some strengthening exercises at home, they are gentle and don’t send me in a coughing fit but I am hoping they mean I will be better prepared for my next run and able to gain endurance and distance on my next outing.

Snuggles are a wonderful way to get better and give a boost to your immune system.

I have taken the time to enjoy snuggles with my little ones. Reading stories, tickling their toes, brushing their hair or answering never ending imaginative questions. It is nice to take a break and slow down, the children enjoy it and it allows us to touch base and learn more of what is going on in their lives and heads. I have loved being forced to take that time. I remind myself that hugs and snuggles are excellent for your immune system but also these are moments I know I will miss dearly forever in just a handful of years. So maybe a big cold wiping us all down and forcing us home is not all so terrible if it gives us a chance to hold each other and create a few meaningful moments to resource ourselves before life gets busy again.

I hope you have a magical day and that something makes you smile today!

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