Magic Number 2

Last night I went to bed with butterflies in my stomach. This was the last night Peyton had as a one year old and I was remembering that wonderful night two years ago when I finally got to meet her.

Today will be a quiet simple day at home, we have a little chocolate cake, a present and while this might not be an all out party it is just what Peyton loves most, time with her siblings, good food ( you don’t reach the height your siblings did at four or five by your second birthday without a healthy appetite) and games.

She is the most wonderful and surprising little kid, she is smart, very well articulated, strong, fierce and mischievous. She loves drawing, building new things and going on adventures so long as at the end of the day she gets to snuggle up with me. She was the missing part of our family puzzle we did not know how much we needed until she came and fit right into place, she has brought so much to our lives and we finally feel like the family is whole.

I look forward to another year watching her amaze us and take on the world. I know people often say two is a dreaded number but I have found by now it is actually a very special time when your little one is at the threshold of wanting more, you become a haven while they feel the winds of discovery and adventure and two can be a magical number if you embrace it. So here it is, to magical number two!

PS: I am not the best baker and I always forget to order in advance, our go to vegan chocolate cake is by a brand called “Just Love”, it is delicious and rich and you can find it in most supermarkets in Scotland.

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