It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Oh my goodness I can’t believe it is already December! I am so excited! Now don’t get me wrong, I know this year has been and is a struggle for many including us but I am grateful it has been full of good moments and I love the run up to Christmas, so I am excited.

I cracked the Christmas decorations open last week, for some reasons I have noticed over the years that if I wait for December then I tend to procrastinate and I want to make the most of the holiday spirit this year. Our house Elf Heart came back early to the kids’ delight and Peyton is able to participate in the morning search to find him so the kids have a lovely bonding moment when they get up. On the 6th of December I only have left to add to the tree this year’s ornaments. I feel quite relaxed, I am done with the gift shopping (the search begins in January for me) and Santa got his list so wrapping is all that is left which will be achieved throughout the month in the evenings.

I am planning on doing one last run through the play room and closets this year for toys and clothes that can move on to new families. It is a difficult activity for me because I tend to remember every detail of our moments shared with these items so I have to be in the right set of mind to say goodbye and go through the flooding memories. I know it is a little strange but that is how my memory and brain work but going through this process and knowing how much good these items can do to others is soothing.

Do you have anything left to do for December? Let me know in the comments and take a moment to join me for a hot Christmas drink if you too are getting in the spirit of things!

I hope you have a Magical Day,


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