Seven Simple Ideas to bring Magic to the Season

There is not long till Christmas. We are all looking forward to it this year though it does feel a little different. I am grateful I was able to purchase presents for my kids, I am only too aware of how many families are not this lucky. We have had to drastically go without heating most days (socks, socks, socks) and I have taught my kids the art of layering (Canadian knowledge kicking in). It would be very easy to spiral from how insecure life currently feels like and I would be lying if I said some nights the worrying had not kept me up. This being said, I decided to look into little ways to approach the Holiday Season to bring joy in our home and bring us together. Kids are pretty resilient and they strive with intellectual stimulation and a loving comforting environment, a little can go a long way and it does not have to break the bank. I know it might still be too much for some and I am sorry but I hope there is something in this little list of Magical Ideas that will bring you a core memory moment with your loved ones.

Christmas Movie Jar

This is an idea I started last year, it was a hit then and it is again this year. It has resolved so many potential arguments it might be one of the best ideas I have ever come up with as a Mom. The concept is simple, make a list of all the Christmas movies you want to watch this year, write them on little bands of paper you fold, toss them in a jar and when it is movie time take it in turns throughout the month to draw a movie. What I like the most is how you get to see things you might not have seen in a while and you get to watch something different. I put the used up movies in an envelope and tidy the jar alongside he Christmas decorations at the end of the holiday. The kids have really enjoyed this way of picking a movie, it is fun and easy to replicate in any home.

Board Games

It is a classic for a reason. I know not everyone has board games but good ones are worth investing in. We do love Villainous but easier ones with little kids such as Dobble are plenty of fun. They provide a great way of having a carefree moment with your loved ones, leave your competitive streak at the door and just watch your kids be thrilled at the chance to play with you. Board games that provide team building efforts can be a great bonding experience. If you want something at a slow space you can also rely on a good old fashioned puzzle.

Creating a Bedtime Routine

This year I saved throughout to splurge on matching Family PJs. It was a goal I had had for a while and our eldest is growing up so she might not be up for this in a couple of years. Getting these nice new pyjamas was an opportunity to start a new evening routine for us. You don’t have to get the pjs to do the same. Ours has been quite simple, by around a quarter to seven the kids go get changed into pyjamas (sometimes it is bath then pyjamas, in that case I start at six thirty), then they come back to snuggle in the living room where the tree is lit and we read a story. There is often a cheeky second one, the kids love snuggling together, it offers a moment to pause and relax without screens which makes a huge difference for little ones at bedtime. We then go upstairs, brush teeth and do any final checks before going to bed. This has been a game changer for me as well to gain time back to myself afterwards and get to bed earlier. The kids love it because we have made it special and not about expediting them to bed but by doing something they love before bed, never underestimate how much kids like being read to.

Time outside followed by a hot bowl of soup or stew

Living in Scotland in winter can be pretty miserable. Do you know what is worse than rain? Cold rain. Add wind and you will find me sobbing in a corner. I know it keeps the green grass but it can be a mood killer. This being said it has made me enjoy the rain free moments, I will encourage the kids to play in the garden even if it is just half an hour. I love if I can be organised with a hot meal waiting because once they have worked an appetite in the winter cold they will happily eat anything warm afterwards without being picky. My favourites are soup or a nice stew.

Writing for Christmas

We currently live in a cute little neighbourhood where some of the houses share Christmas cards with each other. With the cost of living, sending Christmas cards can quickly become costly but it can still be a lovely way of reminding some people you care for that you are thinking of them. If cards are not your thing, you can also be modern and send a lovely email with pictures or be extra creative with a little video.

Practice Gratitude

This is something I am working on lately in an active manner. I hope to make a good habit of it next year and my kids have taken to it very well without much work on my side. We can thank Bluey for that (best little kids show ever). We sit at the dinner table and tell each other of something we are grateful for that happened during the day. As the year is coming to an end it is nice to reflect on all the good that happened and it helps put a lot of things in perspective. I find it is making me want less material things and more moments with my loved ones, this is a good thing to do with children as it can help them clear their mind and gain perspective on how much they have achieved and all the good that has happened. It does not have to be big but it matters to keep trying to be positive in hard times to find hope.

Bake a Sweet treat together

I am no baker but I have a few lovely easy recipes. Christmas time is a good time to do some baking with your little ones. Find something easy if you are new to it, muffins are usually a safe option and even a basic oven will yield satisfying results. What matters is the process. It might get messy but you won’t forget the simple joy it can bring children.

I hope you have found here an idea or two to create some core memories with your family at Christmas. Is there anything you hope to do with your loved ones this year to enjoy the season? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Magical Day,


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